White Tea

What is white tea

The white tea despite appearing for the first time in an English publication in the year 1876 is one of the varieties of tea that for a long time remained outside the knowledge and preference of consumers, however, today is one of the most innovative products in the world of tea. The origin of white tea plantis located mainly in China, specifically in the mountains of Fujian province. It is considered the most refined of the varieties of tea.

The origins and history

Like the others, it is born from the CameliaSinensis plant, but unlike the other types of tea, the leaves and buds that are used to make it are removed from the plant while they are still very tender and young. The buds that have not even started to open, nor have they finished their oxidation and photosynthesis process, are shown with a "whitish fluff", and hence the name of this variety: white tea.

The different types of White Tea

If you know this kind of tea, surely you have a favorite type! Choose your favorite white tea below and discover everything about it!

White peony or Bai Mu Dan is a tea leaves quality belonging to white tea, this types of white tea...

White Peony

Yi Zhen Bai Hao or silver needle is a variety of white tea characterized of a taste...

Silver Needle

Gong mei is a china white tea known also with the name "Tribute Eyebrow" , this kind of white tea...

Gong Mei


Fujian New Craft

There are many stories around this wonderful drink. Its delicacy and exquisiteness have associated it with an interesting exclusivity; it has even been mentioned as the "favorite" in Chinese royalty for a long time. The truth is that it was present in the ancient cultures of emperors, as for example, in the time of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

The production

White tea is harvested by hand for a few days during the spring, and then, using controlled ventilation, the leaves wilt. The cultivation of this tea is mainly done in warm regions so that it can grow throughout the year. This variety of tea is characterized mainly by being the least processed of all types of tea, that is, the plant does not go through the fermentation process, but it is partially vaporized and dried in the air, with natural light. Hence, its properties are unique. The production process of white tea is very simple but rigorous. This variety of tea does not require panning, rotation or shaking, so to produce it, saves many hours of work, but nevertheless, the delicate plucking of its leaves, is what can guarantee its quality.

Health benefits

White tea, like other types of tea, has properties that are highly positive for health. Numerous studies prove it. It has even been claimed that white tea is by far, more effective than green tea, because it has a greater presence in its properties of prolifenoles and catechins, which are powerful antioxidants that significantly strengthen the body's defenses and neutralize the activity of free radicals.

Calories and caffeine in white tea

In addition, white tea is a natural beverage that does not get fat because it does not contain sugar or calories.On the other hand, the exquisite taste of white tea contains a high conservation of nutrients. Due to its low caffeine content, it has no contraindications, so you can taste it without any fear.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention three rich varieties of this exclusive tea:

  • The silver water: produced through the buttons of the plant, and whose quality is high.
  • The white peony: which has a slightly stronger taste and,
  • The long life: that is made with the leaves that are left after those of the first two are collected.

For all this, enjoy a life of pleasures with the white tea`s gentleman, White Tea.