The secrets of Darjeeling Tea

where is Darjeeling tea grown

Darjeeling tea is a type of black tea, which is grown and produced only in the district of Darjeeling, north of West Bengal in India, for many more, and more sought after in the world, it is known as the champagne of teas. Its production is found in mountainous areas between 750 and 2000 meters high and the tea bushes are nourished by intermittent rains, the sun and the soft fog laden with moisture.

The Taste

This infusion, when well made, produces a liqueur with a thin body and a light color with a floral aroma. The flavor also has a nuance of astringent tannin characteristics and a musky seasoning that tea connoisseurs call “muscatel”. A sweet refreshing taste should be felt in the mouth after its intake

The varieties of Darjeeling tea

A difference of most countries in India, Darjeeling is usually made from the Chinese variety of small leaves of Camellia sinensis. It is important to note that the Darjeeling tea flavors differ from season to season. According to the harvest period. Darjeeling tea is a variety of green tea full of benefits and both curative and preventive properties

Why is darjeeling tea good for you

Its regular consumption is interesting within a varied and balanced diet, since it can also be enjoyed at any time of the day. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, thanks precisely to its contribution in natural antioxidants help protect our heart, is a wonderful stimulant of the nervous system, as well as the state of wakefulness as concentration, this drink consumed regularly becomes an option natural to excellent when it comes to preventing cancer, thanks to its contribution in natural antioxidants. Keep in mind Darjeeling tea also has certain contraindications, for example, its use is not recommended to people suffering from insomnia, nerve problems and a lot of stress. It can further complicate your situation

Sweet taste, long tradition

Among the different varieties and types of tea that you can enjoy today, there are options for all tastes, which also differ in the benefits and properties, but also in the flavors and aromas they give off when preparing and tasting them. It is nothing, anywhere in the world, to talk about tea is Darjeeling is synonymous with quality and distinction in teas, its flavor and aroma is fruity by nature and the detachment of the unique aromas. This tea is produced exclusively in a population in the north of India, from where it has grown to reach the popularity it enjoys today. So, have a great cup of tea and enjoy the big deal!

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