Discover everything about Assam Tea

where does Assam tea come from

Historically, Assam has been the second commercial tea producing region after China, South China and Assam are the only regions in the world with native tea plants. The climate varies between a cold winter, a hot and humid season with rain, the ideal conditions for the cultivation of this and the time of its long season of cultivation and rain. Assam tea can be differentiated from other black tea by its distinctive strong malt aroma and its bright color. As in most blacks, it is taken with milk at breakfast or at noon, since it is said to be a stimulating drink.

The production of this Black tea

During its production, the tea of Assam has two periods in which it leaves, the first leaves are of fresh aroma, but the second ones produce the famous “tea of end” that they have certain golden tone. These golden tips of tea diminish the bitter characteristic of the tea, making it sweeter and softer (sounds real good right?).

 Assam tea may have different qualities

This drink brings incredible health benefits. Assam tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, helps the cardiovascular system is useful for example, when lowering high cholesterol levels such as triglycerides, nervous system tonic and brain useful to improve thinking acuity and the memory.

All the Benefits of Assam

In addition to improving alertness and concentration, decreases the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, it was found in a study conducted where the qualities of tea were analyzed. In addition to its potential to prevent diseases, Assam also helps with the increase of the gamma delta T cells – associated – that fight infections. Assam Tea can help the immune system to reduce the level of stress on a daily basis by less cortisol, which is responsible for post-traumatic stress

The preparation

Another important aspect to highlight in terms of its preparation Like most black teas, Assam tea requires a high temperature in the water of 85 to 90 ° C in order to release the best essences of the leaves. The tea should be poured over the soft, filtered water to preserve its aroma. The infusion time is approximately 3 minutes; it should not be exceeded, since the too long time is serpentine and bitter. It is indisputable that a cup of tea causes a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Your presentation can be in bulk or in a bag, we can be sure to enjoy a high quality product. Moreover,its balance, its good body and its ominous taste with sweet tints characterize Assam tea. A slightly soft infusion that is tested with the intention of capturing its aroma and flavor and enjoy it to the fullest.

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