What is Black pearl tea

At present, we can denote that there are millions of teas, which vary in colors, aromas and flavors, today we will talk about a very special type of tea, of which little is known. However, we wanted to make an exhaustive investigation with the purpose of informing you about the advantages of daily use of this wonderful tea, which contains a variety of vitamins inside and calcium, which will be very favorable for your health and that of your loved ones, can provide benefits for your life and it is special for the children.

The Black Pearl regions

Well, this fascinating tea is grown in much of the world.However, there is a region that tends to cultivate it in a very special way.Is the famous tea locality, located in Sumatra, Indonesia, which has a climate, and with the rain found throughout the country, creating a climate that greatly favors the of any type of tea production. In Indonesia, tea production began as the Dutch occupation, which was forgotten over time; it was not until 1980 that it was restored. In general, tea grown in Indonesia is usually produced in the high areas; the teas that produce more are black tea and green tea.

Which is the process to produce Black Pearl

The process of creating the so-called pearl black tea is simple; usually the trees are planted in a linear way, which creates many tea paths, which are assigned to the staff who should then be responsible for collecting the leaves for preparation of tea. This happens after two years of planting the tree, once collected the leaves are taken to the factory, where they are responsible for removing the excess moisture, after passing this process they are rolled and placed in a rotating electric cylinder, serving this method as a catalyst for the reaction that enzymes can have with oxygen. After it is left to ferment for a time at room temperature, it must be taken into account that the fermentation time can vary according to the heat and humidity that can be found. Finally, the leaf usually changes color, once this procedure is completed, it is introduced in a coal combustion chamber, which avoids another type of chemical reactions.

Pearl tea is a unique tea in the industry

This is often differentiated by being an aromatic tea, after many years have been recommended bydoctors for daily use, generally the aroma that you will find in it will be a little fruity, a touch of cocoa, a bit of caramelized sugar, and a soft toasted flavor. Tea has been so famous that the important Lipton Ice Tea teas chain has decided to produce it, without a doubt I think this is one of the best teas you can try my friend!

With nothing more to say, I hope to talk again about this wonderful tea in the next articles.



The secrets of Darjeeling Tea

where is Darjeeling tea grown

Darjeeling tea is a type of black tea, which is grown and produced only in the district of Darjeeling, north of West Bengal in India, for many more, and more sought after in the world, it is known as the champagne of teas. Its production is found in mountainous areas between 750 and 2000 meters high and the tea bushes are nourished by intermittent rains, the sun and the soft fog laden with moisture.

The Taste

This infusion, when well made, produces a liqueur with a thin body and a light color with a floral aroma. The flavor also has a nuance of astringent tannin characteristics and a musky seasoning that tea connoisseurs call “muscatel”. A sweet refreshing taste should be felt in the mouth after its intake

The varieties of Darjeeling tea

A difference of most countries in India, Darjeeling is usually made from the Chinese variety of small leaves of Camellia sinensis. It is important to note that the Darjeeling tea flavors differ from season to season. According to the harvest period. Darjeeling tea is a variety of green tea full of benefits and both curative and preventive properties

Why is darjeeling tea good for you

Its regular consumption is interesting within a varied and balanced diet, since it can also be enjoyed at any time of the day. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, thanks precisely to its contribution in natural antioxidants help protect our heart, is a wonderful stimulant of the nervous system, as well as the state of wakefulness as concentration, this drink consumed regularly becomes an option natural to excellent when it comes to preventing cancer, thanks to its contribution in natural antioxidants. Keep in mind Darjeeling tea also has certain contraindications, for example, its use is not recommended to people suffering from insomnia, nerve problems and a lot of stress. It can further complicate your situation

Sweet taste, long tradition

Among the different varieties and types of tea that you can enjoy today, there are options for all tastes, which also differ in the benefits and properties, but also in the flavors and aromas they give off when preparing and tasting them. It is nothing, anywhere in the world, to talk about tea is Darjeeling is synonymous with quality and distinction in teas, its flavor and aroma is fruity by nature and the detachment of the unique aromas. This tea is produced exclusively in a population in the north of India, from where it has grown to reach the popularity it enjoys today. So, have a great cup of tea and enjoy the big deal!

Discover everything about Assam Tea

where does Assam tea come from

Historically, Assam has been the second commercial tea producing region after China, South China and Assam are the only regions in the world with native tea plants. The climate varies between a cold winter, a hot and humid season with rain, the ideal conditions for the cultivation of this and the time of its long season of cultivation and rain. Assam tea can be differentiated from other black tea by its distinctive strong malt aroma and its bright color. As in most blacks, it is taken with milk at breakfast or at noon, since it is said to be a stimulating drink.

The production of this Black tea

During its production, the tea of Assam has two periods in which it leaves, the first leaves are of fresh aroma, but the second ones produce the famous “tea of end” that they have certain golden tone. These golden tips of tea diminish the bitter characteristic of the tea, making it sweeter and softer (sounds real good right?).

 Assam tea may have different qualities

This drink brings incredible health benefits. Assam tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, helps the cardiovascular system is useful for example, when lowering high cholesterol levels such as triglycerides, nervous system tonic and brain useful to improve thinking acuity and the memory.

All the Benefits of Assam

In addition to improving alertness and concentration, decreases the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, it was found in a study conducted where the qualities of tea were analyzed. In addition to its potential to prevent diseases, Assam also helps with the increase of the gamma delta T cells – associated – that fight infections. Assam Tea can help the immune system to reduce the level of stress on a daily basis by less cortisol, which is responsible for post-traumatic stress

The preparation

Another important aspect to highlight in terms of its preparation Like most black teas, Assam tea requires a high temperature in the water of 85 to 90 ° C in order to release the best essences of the leaves. The tea should be poured over the soft, filtered water to preserve its aroma. The infusion time is approximately 3 minutes; it should not be exceeded, since the too long time is serpentine and bitter. It is indisputable that a cup of tea causes a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Your presentation can be in bulk or in a bag, we can be sure to enjoy a high quality product. Moreover,its balance, its good body and its ominous taste with sweet tints characterize Assam tea. A slightly soft infusion that is tested with the intention of capturing its aroma and flavor and enjoy it to the fullest.