What is Oolong tea?

Oolong tea, also known as "blue tea," is a type of semi-fermented tea. It has been described as an intermediate between green tea and black tea. It represents a very strange combination that undergoes a significant change, especially in its procedure. It is a variety of tea that is little known, which is why we have done this work.

The origins

The origin of its history is very interesting: as a curious fact, we can mention that at first, the tea was cooked as if it were a soup (Really, we are not joking people, it was a very real fact). Then it was established as a drink during the Song Dynasty, roughly between the years of 960 to 1279. Period in which this drink was the protagonist in the wealthy societyparties, including houses and tea clubs. However, the origin of "blue or Oolong" tea is also found in China, specifically in Fujian province that belongs its secrets

Oolong Tea Types

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Ali Shan is a oolong tea varieties know for..

Ali Shan

Dark roast is special oolong tea, in fact it can be also a black tea in function of its production..

Dark Roast

Iron Buddha is a famous tea variety, well known in China. Its taste is..

Iron Buddha

Russian caravan is a oolong variety belonging ...

Russian Caravan

The Oolong Production

China and Taiwan are the ones with the largest production of Oolong tea. This passes through a time of partial oxidation less than black tea, (aeration), because in it, as in black tea, fermentative microorganisms do not intervene on its process, pretty odd right? Oolong tea is made with the Camelia sinensis tea plant. One of the characteristics that distinguish it is that it has less caffeine than black tea and more than green tea, so it is described as a stimulant drink suitable to consume in the mornings or at noon.

Main varieties of Oolong

Their dry shape distinguishes two variants at the time of processing. These are:

  • Jade Oolong: we are here with tealeaves rolled into a "little ball". It is a very special drink, which goes through a lower level of oxidation than the other varieties of tea. Its leaves have a particular and attractive color: a bluish green that awakens the senses of those who consume it, that is not to mention, its rich, smooth and fruity taste.
  • Amber Oolong: very different from Jade Oolong has its leaves lengthened, and its level of oxidation is a little higher than the first, although it does not reach the levels that have a green tea or black tea. With a color that turns yellowish.

almost transparent, it has a mild and pleasant flavor. One of the most famous is the Fancy Oolong. Oolong tea is an exquisite drink that is getting more boom and acceptance every day, and this is due, to its not only delicious flavor and attractive aroma, but also to the multiple benefits, it brings to the health of the people who consume it with frequency.

The Benefits

This wonderful tea, not only provides multiple slimming benefits, but also contains tannin, which has been proven to be effective to: reduce heart problems, reduce the effects of alcohol consumption, regulate cholesterol, aid in digestive processes, provide vitamins and minerals, among others. Remember that this substance contains the same elements as wine. So, it could be a nice drink to feel relaxed

The preparation

But we cannot forget an important aspect at the moment of preparing ourselves to taste a rich cup of tea: its preparation. In addition, this drink is consumed in other Eastern cultures for a long time, and it pays special attention to the water that is used to make it (maybe it is one of its secrets). This must be fresh and natural water to take advantage of all the properties of the tea. In addition, it is important to read and comply with the instructions on