Green Tea

The history of Green Tea

Green tea plant has its origin in Southeast Asia, from India and Sri Lanka to China and Japan. Its production has always been at very high levels. Green tea has culturally interesting characteristics. It is born, just like the other varieties of tea, from the plant with scientific name Camelia sinensis

Types of Green Tea

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matcha- green tea-min


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Dragon well

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Sencha green tea is well known in the Japan culture. Its leaves have a dark green color...


The culture about it

Green tea has culturally interesting characteristics. It is born, just like the other varieties of tea, from the plant with scientific name Camelia sinensis. One of the particularities of this extraordinary drink is the culturally attributed meaning of eastern society: green tea is associated with spiritual enrichment. Its consumption is associated with special moments of peace, well-being and tranquility. It is a fundamental part people’s life in countries such as China, India, Japan and England.

Green tea productions, Do you know it?

Green tea has infinite properties, and one of the particularities that distinguish it, is that its oxidation process is very smooth. Harvested leaves are not always allowed to wither. The application of heat they receive before rolling, drying or baking them, is basically what distinguishes this type of tea, since this procedure is the one that stops oxidation and is what keeps nutrients and their color.

Health benefits

The result is a beverage that brings important health benefits. The main advantages of drinking green tea are:eliminates indigestion, improves urinary functions, improves brain functions, produces a positive effect on the most important organs of the body, such as, for example, the heart, decreases the catastrophic effects of alcohol intake, among others. All of them today very well documented. many fans of natural medicine, recommend this type of tea to help treat certain diseases due togre. However, it would be important that you know the whole procedure and consult with your doctor, in case you are a person with a disease that can be accompanied with this delicious beverage. But this wonderful drink, also has another benefit: it contains L-theanine, a substance that enhances cognitive activity by improving those who consume it, their levels of attention, concentration, memory and learning.

Drinking Green Tea

Another important aspect is its flavor. Some people describe it as a "vegetable flavor", probably to try to detail that rich sensation in the palate that simulates fresh grass. There are those who also associate its particular flavor distinguishing a fruity touch with nuts

But in addition the flavor is closely related to its preparation. Alterations at the right temperature can cause significant differences in it. A much more bitter feeling, than it should be, could be an unattractive result for the palate. In this sense, we must try to comply with the steps that are very simple for their preparation, always taking care of the temperature of the water, and allowing the leaves to submerge in it and impregnate it with its entire aroma and all its nutrients.