Black Tea

Black tea production

Like other varieties of teas, black tea born from the fresh leaves of Camellia Sinensis that is the mother of all these variations. Many people questioning “ how is black tea made”  well, we try to answer to this question: Camellia Sinensis leaves go through a process of complete oxidation that causes the original green color of its leaf to transform into a dark brown, turning a simple action into a very different result

Types of Black Tea

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Earl grey tea is a black tea used for the breakfast, its taste is characterized...

Earl grey

Ceylon tea is


Earl Grey is a famous black tea used for breakfast and for...

Chai tea

The oxidation process of Black Tea

The process of oxidation is very important in the production of black tea, since in addition to causing its color, makes its particular aroma becomes more complex, which causes the resulting infusions, have an intense flavor that is the most favorite among its drinkers. The experts consider that the younger shoots give a better flavor to the drink, while the old leaves produce a stronger flavor. It is a more stimulating drink than the other varieties of tea, since oxidation favors the release of theine (substance that it is like caffeine) in the infusion. That is why, more and more people likes it.

However, before the oxidation process, black tea goes through carefully designed stages to preserve the quality of its properties. Let's see:

  • After harvesting the leaves, they wilt through air-drying. From there, black tea can present two ways for its process. The first one is the BTW method (broken, tear, wrap), it is used mainly to take advantage of those leaves that are considered of medium quality. The second is through the orthodox method, used both for the process to machine, and by hand. This method pursues a higher quality product.
  • We arrive now when the leaves are oxidized under strict conditions of temperature and humidity. This level of oxidation is decisive in the quality of the tea. Finally, the leaves are dried to attenuate the oxidation process and are classified in degrees according to their size for subsequent packaging.

The result is a stimulating drink, with an amber color, which has a strong body and flavor. An interesting fact is that while green tea loses its flavor usually after a year, black tea retains it for much longer. Characteristic that has turned it into an attractive product for trade.

In general, this drink has a stronger aroma than the rest of the varieties; in addition, it contains more caffeine than other teas with lower levels of oxidation.

what are the benefits of drinking black tea

black tea nutrition provides great benefits to people who consume it, as it has a high content of antioxidants, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, among others, important for the body.Black tea benefits are well known: its regular consumption reduces the risk of suffering heart attacks, is beneficial for cholesterol levels to be maintained in non-worrying conditions and prevents the formation of caries.

For all the above and much more, at any time of the day we can taste a rich cup of black tea, and enjoy its incredible aroma and intense flavor. Nowadays, varieties of flavors are offered, such as those made with raspberries and blueberries (you can try them on).

So, we invite you to discover and try with us!